Monday, December 5, 2011

Why online real estate auctions?

Why online auctions?

Real estate auctions are one of the fastest-growing forms of Real-Estate Marketing. If you are a Seller who wants to move your property at an accelerated pace, and to earn true market value in return, then the Auction Method of marketing may be for you. If you are a Buyer who wants to make a smart investment at fair market value, and is tired of endless negotiations with unresponsive sellers, then the purchase of properties at Auction will work for you.
Until recently real estate auctions, unlike art and antique auctions, have experienced unfounded negative images in the market place. The majorities of auctions today don't result from foreclosure or distress situations, but rather are the result of a seller choosing a cost-effective, accelerated method to sell a property. Auction is truly a win-win situation: sellers obtain immediate cash and buyers purchase properties at fair market value, the price determined by open, competitive bidding.
Online Real Estate Marketing is an innovative and effective marketing tool which can be profitable to sellers and buyers, alike. In fact, under the right circumstances, online marketing can be the most effective way to accelerate a property sale and establish the property's true market value.

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